Nice Desserts – #26

Right on the main road

Koki Beach is a very nice restaurant with great desserts. It is located on the right side of the road when you are going south through Puerto Viejo. As you come into Puerto Viejo you cross a one lane bridge. The post office is on the right in the first block, then Bank of Costa Rica, then Old Harbor grocery store. Three blocks down (going south) there will be a curve in the road. About 50 yards down is the restaurant. Look for the hedge (sticky bushes) row, the entrance to the restaurant is after this row of sticky bushes. The yellow frame you see on the left side of this photo is the entrance.

Picture taken from the bar, looking back in the direction of the street.
Sorry. I started eating before taking the picture.
Sorry. I was almost done (it was so good) before I remembered to take a picture. Chocolate brownie and ice cream. Mmmmm so yummy. Creamy chocolatey good!!!

“Pura vida”

Until the next post.