Shoreline around Puerto Viejo # 23

For anyone interested in traveling to Puerto Viejo, you might like to know how the beaches are around town. The ocean water is great and it is warm year around. But the coral along the shoreline prevents it from being good for swimming or surfing in several areas. You can walk in the water and splash around. But, you must be careful not venture out where you might get scratched by the coral.

Near me, you can visit the beautiful Playa Negra (Black Beach) and Cocles Beach. Playa Negra is just across the bridge north from Puerto Viejo. You will see this in the first video. Cocles Beach is just about 2 kilometers south of Puerto Viejo.

I am hoping these three videos help you visualize the beach areas near the town of Puerto Viejo. The beaches are beautiful, despite the presence of jagged coral in several areas.

Video One: North End of Puerto Viejo (2:42)

Video Two: Middle of Puerto Viejo (2:11)

Video Three: South End of Puerto Viejo (1:58)

“Pura vida”

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