Café Rico’s my favorite breakfast place~ #29

One of the best places to eat in Puerto Viejo is Café Rico’s.

Map is not the best but hopefully you get the idea (directions).

The hard part is finding the café and not walking, riding or not driving right by the restaurant. Here in Costa Rica you have to know where things are to be able to find them. Here, when you ask for directions people will say, oh it is right beside X but the problem is – you are new and you do not know where X is or most any other place. So you really have to start with a place that you know. This is why above I started with the bridge as you come into Puerto Viejo. Most everyone remembers the bridge. I hope you do also. So please scroll back up to the map and check it out one more time.

Notice below you see the little gate in the middle of the hedges. A lot of really nice places are hidden behind hedges and you may walk right by them. Most do not have a big sign out by the street or hanging on the building. A few you will find out do have a sign but it is not the norm. So look closely as you are walking there might be a really nice place right where you are.

Hidden behind the hedge row is the restaurant. As you drive down the road look closely the gate will normally be open from 7 to 12 every day except Thursday and Friday.

When you walk into the restaurant you will see the menu across the open space right in front of the kitchen. You will also be greeted by the friendly staff. It is very unusual not to be greeted. But it can happen especially if they are very busy. Saturdays are normally a very busy day, as the farmer’s market is open on Saturday. There are regular shoppers who visit the farmer’s market and then drop by Café Rico’s to socialize with friends and neighbors.

The menu is always posted next to the kitchen as you walk in.

One of the wonderful things that I really love is the friendly staff and of course meeting my friends as well. But there is a unique part of the restaurant that I also love and that is the books. You will not find a town library here in Puerto Viejo. So the question is, where can I find a book to read? Just visit Café Rico’s.

The café does have tons of books. Books of all types; fiction, non-fiction, travel, computer, even a few school books for kids. Kids school books I would say are about 6 to 10. At least the ones I saw.

The books are around the edge of the café and inside the café as well.

Inside the café the walls have lots of books also.

I have not talked about the food but let me say the food is awesome. You will not be disappointed with the menu. If you are a vegan you will feel right at home. The meat lovers will also be happy with the menu. There is something for everyone, even for kids.

I hope that some time in the future you will make it to Costa Rica to the town of Puerto Viejo and try my favorite restaurant. If you arrive on a Sunday morning between 7 – 7:30 you will see me sitting drinking my coffee before I order my wonderful breakfast. Oh almost forgot, they have the best coffee in town.

Yes it is pretty awesome coffee!

“Pura vida”

Until the next post.

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