All of the following picture were taken by the author here in Costa Rica.

Smile for me – Butter Cup passed away this year (2021).
Looks like a tree, but beautiful flowers.
A little walk by the beach?
Baby and the mommy
A little walk on the beach at sunset.
How about in the middle of the day?
Puerto Viejo beach by the bus station.
Tall slender and beautiful
I am big and bad, and make a lot of noise.
Down by the river
Quick I am falling… only kidding!
Punta Unv beach
Need some fruit?
Isn’t this a nice pair
I am a howler monkey
He is the howler but I am “the man”!
Chill, I am just sunning.
The beauty of nature.
Lemons on the tree next to my house.
Mangrove Hawk
After a big meal, isn’t it nice to take that nap?
I do believe the moon is brighter in Costa Rica.
This is what happens when you do not blow dry.
Beautiful color…
Every where you look.
The bees really like this one.
Tall and slender
Sandpipers love the beach here.
Even boats like to lay on the beach.
Lets go get those leaves.
I am going to beat you to them.
I am watching you…
You go first… No you go first… No you go first!
Yellow tails nesting
Climb baby climb
Well hello pretty
Time to eat my friend…
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