Macaws – ARAProject #21

Located just 2 mile (3 kilometers) south of my house is the ARAManzanillo.
Which would be 4.5 kilometers south of the Jaguar Rescue Center (JRC) (see places to visit for more detailed information).

The ARAProject main website will give you information about the projects in Costa Rica. You can also visit the Macaw Recovery Network for videos and additional information.
As you travel south on hwy 256 passed the JRC about 4.5 kilometers you will see the ARAProject sign on the right side of the road.

Follow the gravel road about 100 yards, turn right at the orange gate.
Orange gate with stones on left with signs on top.

Now let me warn you right up front. If you have a car drive it! Macaws breed in the “Mountain Almond” tree. As it’s name implies they are in the mountains. It is going to be a long walk up three hills or a crazy drive up three hills. One good thing about the road is the fact each hill is paved, partially. The part of the road where your tires go is paved. You can take a taxi from Puerto Viejo.

About 100 yards in, the road turns left and you go up your first hill.
After reaching the top of first hill, you go down and then up again.
At the top of hill two, it levels a little then up hill number three.

The Project had great signs located in the area where the tour begins. There are two sets of signs describing their work with the macaws. As you reach the area where your tour will start, there will be signs on your left and your right.

I will start showing the signs on the left and work through to the last sign on the right. If you love to know the details of the project, read away.

If you are only interested in the pictures of the macaws scroll down.

The signs are in Spanish and English.
Roman # I
Roman # II – left side
Roman # III – left side
Roman # IV – left side
Roman # V – left side
Roman # I – right side
Roman # II – right side
Roman # III – right side
Roman # IV – right side

Roman # V – right side

Roman # VI – right side
Two from the bottom
He seemed a little mad at the time of the picture.
Mom coming out of the nest, yes it is a man made nest.
Standing on the roof where the new birds are held.
Take off time
Here is looking at you…
Take off time
The feeder
I see you
Feeding time!
Make room we are coming in!
You look up and there is two of us.
No I want share, you don’t like almonds anyway.

For anyone that would like to watch a one minute video of the macaws feeding, click here.

“Pura vida”

Until the next post.