Pelican Restaurant #42

Newly opened, as of August 2023, is a restaurant right around the corner from my house called The Pelican Pub & Cafe.

To locate this restaurant, being as you might not know where I live, let’s start from Puerto Viejo. Take the main highway, 256, south out of town for about five kilometers. Stay alert and watch the right side of the road where you should see their sign. 

There is a good amount of parking out front.

The Pelican is already a popular place with locals as well as tourists. My grandson and I ate there a few times when he was visiting me. We both enjoyed our food choices, and I’ve since enjoyed additional menu items. (Check out the menu!)

And out front as you drive up

I plan to experience other meals over time, but here are a few of my favorites from The Pelican Pub & Cafe: 

The Fish and Chips (not the vegan choice), Chicken Wings (appetizers), Braised Crispy Pork Belly Chifrio, and the Jerk Octopus. (Okay, I did not really try the Octopus, but a friend did and assured me that it was tender, tasty, and that they would order it again. That was good enough for me, so I’ve added it to this blog post.)

An additional reason I like The Pelican is they have my favorite beer, Imperial Silver. Being a pub, The Pelican also serves draft beer. I am not a big fan of draft beer, so I won’t provide a rating in this area. I can tell you that The Pelican hosts a happy hour from 4 pm to 5 pm. Their prices for mixed drinks and draft beer are reduced. 

To highlight some of the features of The Pelican, I’ve provided a few pictures:

The bar area, if you walk in from the street, it will be on your right side of the restaurant.
The seating area on the left side, looking out in the direction of the street.
Right side, walking in from the street, before reaching the bar.
I just love the Pelican painting on the back wall.

Let’s meet up there soon! While I hope you enjoyed this post, I’m sure you will enjoy the food and ambiance at The Pelican.