Snorkeling Cahuita National Park #40

So, you want to go snorkeling? In my area, on the Caribbean side of the country, a great place is at the Cahuita National Park.
I’d never been snorkeling before this trip, but don’t get me wrong. I’ve spent a lot of time in the water. I love the water. Swim, surf, float around, yes, love the water! But I hadn’t tried snorkeling until my grandson spent the summer with me. When the time came, I asked, “Why not?”

Willie’s Tours CR is the place to sign up for a great snorkeling adventure! Currently, the price is $30 per person, as of August 2022. Check out their website for details.
We were out for about 3 ½ hours and had loads of fun. From the sign-up location, we walked down to the landing where the boats are located. (About two blocks) When we arrived, we signed the park guest book. The Cahuita National Park office asks for a donation. Anywhere between 2,000-5,000 colones is fair. That’s currently about $3 to $7.50 in US money. If you are a big park supporter, you might like to give more. There is no set price, it is just a donation for this beautiful park.
Before we departed, our guide fitted us with a diving mask, fins, and snorkel. Do not worry if you are a poor swimmer, or can’t swim at all, everyone is given a life jacket. One individual in our boat could not swim at all, and the Willie’s Tours CR folks showed her how to use the snorkel and wear a life jacket so she could float, see things, and enjoy the ocean experience.
After everyone was fitted with gear, we were off to the reefs. The boat ride was about 20-30 minutes. Our guide directed us to good spots, and pointed out the sea life on and around the reef.
After 2-3 hours, everyone climbed back on the boat, and was taken to the Cahuita National Park for bananas and pineapples. Very refreshing!
After this short stop, we were loaded back into the boat to return to our starting point.
Tip: Near the entrance to the park’s office there is a genuinely nice restaurant. The name is Pizzeria Cahuita.

PIZZERIA CAHUITA – Restaurant Reviews, Photos & Phone Number – Tripadvisor

It’s a wonderful place to have lunch, relax and talk about all the beautiful things you saw while snorkeling in the park.