BriBri Hidden Waterfall #34

On your way from Hone Creek to BriBri on hwy 36, (after about 2.1 mile) you will find a road on the right side that will lead you to the wonderful BriBri Hidden Waterfall. Just look for the tall cell tower, it’s a great landmark.

Look for the cell tower next to the road on the right side.

As you reach the road on the right you will notice a small sign indicating this is the road to the waterfall. The picture below is the sign.

“Waterfalls two waters” (If you think this translation seems odd, you try to write it in Spanish and see how good you are.)

The road is about a 1/2 mile up the hill to the first turn to the left. (Note: The road is very narrow and steep. A 4X4 is preferred vehicle for this adventure.) When you reach the left turn there will be additional signs to lead you in the correct direction.

The point where you turn left.
A close-up photo of the sign where you turn left.
Drive through the first gate and about 50 yards further you will reach the second gate where you pay.

About 50 yards from this turn and the first gate, you will come to the second gate. It is just a chain across the road and is monitored by the family that owns the land. You will need to pay 1,000 colones for each person in your vehicle. The family that manages the waterfall also sells bottled water. It is a nice walk back from the waterfall, so water is not a bad idea, especially on a hot day.

Normally there is a family member at the gate to collect the money.
Here is where you pay and enter.

From this second gate you will drive about 20 yards until you can park and walk the rest of the distance to the waterfall. This is about a 1/4 or 1/2 mile. Walking to the waterfall from here is a good idea if it is the rainy season. The road from this point down is clay and can get slippery especially following a big rain.
If it has not rained recently, you can drive down the hill to the second parking area. It is much better and safer if you have a 4X4 to drive this last stretch. It is about a 1/4 to a 1/2 mile from the first to the second parking area.

When you reach the second parking area you will see a small sign that indicates it is a 3-minute, nice and all-downhill walk to the waterfall. Lining the path just a few yards from the waterfall, you will find handrails to guide you to your final destination.

This small amount of water is because the photo was taken in the dry season.

Depending on the time of year you visit there can be a little bit or a lot of water cascading over the waterfall.

A photo of the waterfall during the dry season. Whether in the dry or rainy season, the waterfall is still beautiful!

If you face this waterfall and turn 180 degrees, you will see another large pool of water that you can jump into. Watch the video.

As you are leaving and about to reach the first gate you came in, you will see this sign.

There is a cliff at the edge of the road be very careful.

This sign is right as you are going out of the first gate that you came in when you originally reached the top of the hill. Hopefully as you were driving up the hill in the beginning, you noticed the cliff to your right.

Now exiting, your turn is a hard right.

If you like playing in the water, you will surely love this waterfall.

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