Zipline riding #35

How about flying over the jungle hanging from a cable. Yea!! Web site link. You sign up for your zipline adventure over the web. It is easy and simple, but there must be at least two in your party.

The company that will take you on a wonderful and safe zipline ride over the jungle.
This number is a Costa Rica number. Not to be used for signup. To answer questions only.

I enjoyed this adventure immensely! I thought the crew that handled our rides were very attentive and safety minded all through the nine ziplines I rode. The website indicates that you will have 18 platforms which you do. But I think it is better to say, you start from nine platforms.

Pickup area in Hone Creek, by the local park.

You could drive to the starting point if you like. If you feel comfortable driving your rental car across a very rough road.

The entrance to Nativo’s zipline tours.

Once everyone has arrived, the staff will fit everyone with their gear.

Yes, this is me being strapped in my harness for the hookup to the zipline cable.

The staff answered all my questions. Made me feel very comfortable in my new adornment to my wardrobe.

The next part I really enjoyed and know most of my tour mates were happy to participate in this little exercise. It really helps you become very comfortable with what you are about to experience.

A very short cable is used to show you how to ride the cables properly.

Before you jump in to ziplining, you are given a simple walk through (or should I say test ride) on a very short cable, to make sure you understand how to enjoy this adventure the proper and safe way. Our instructor spent about 10 minutes explaining how you should ride the cable properly. Then each of us had an opportunity to strap on to this practice cable and ride the short distance to the end.

Hey nothing to it!

The key is to lean back, put your dominate hand behind you (notice the picture above) lift your legs and as you begin to move forward stretch your legs out and cross them. Again, notice the picture above, see how the legs are out in front crossed and the dominate hand is on the cable. You do not grab the cable; your hand just lays very lightly on the cable. It is primarily to keep you straight as you are gliding along on the cable. I learned that the key to enjoying the ride is to lean back where your body is almost parallel with the cable. Just lean back and enjoy the ride.

The next step is to get up on the first platform and put both hands on the cable. Your tour guide will hold your cable hook in his hand. He will direct you to pull up and jump, as he fastens the cable hook on to the zipline cable.

You will jump and pull yourself up at the same time, to allow your cable hook to be fastened to the primary zipline cable by your tour guide.

This jumping and pulling took me a few times to get it down. It is not hard but requires a little coordination between you and the guide.
Once you are fastened to the cable, turn and face down the cable in the direction you will be traveling. Now put your hand behind you, and when your guide ask are you ready, lift your feet, cross your legs and you are off.

Hand behind you, feet crossed, and you are ziplining!
Now you are gliding way up in the air and can see the tops of the jungle.

Now of course there is the part where you will need to stop at the end of the cable.

Every step of the way you have help.

If I remember correctly, all of the cables but one, you did not need to do anything to stop or slow down. Just ride the cable letting your body weight take you to the next platform. There was one cable that you are asked to slow yourself down. To reduce your speed, you use the hand behind you and apply just a little bit of pressure to the cable. It does not take much. As you approach the end of your ride the tour guide will tell you when to apply the pressure.

If you do apply to much pressure don’t worry, they will pull you to the platform.

Pulled right to the platform.

Near the end of your adventure, you will get a special treat. This is called the Tarzan swing. It is awesome for sure! You are connected to a long cable that is suspended from high up in the trees. You are connected to this long cable hanging down. You then swing out and over a little valley.

A Tarzan swing over the little valley to the next platform. Awesome!!
Don’t worry they will catch you on the other side.

On this Tarzan swing you go back and forth a couple of times before the other tour guide on the far side catches you and pulls you on to the platform.

After you complete the Tarzan swing you have one more zipline cable to ride. This last one takes you back to the main office where you first received your instructions and started your zipline adventure.

A little video of the last zipline ride back to the starting point. Click here.

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