See Puerto Viejo from the sky #31

A new company has moved into Puerto Viejo as of (2021). The name is “Jungle Air”, it is located one block down the street from the bus station. That would be in the direction going away from the old barge that you will see sunk in the water, very close to shore. (Picture below)

The barge right by the bridge as you enter Puerto Viejo.

There is a large dirt parking area across from the bus ticket office (and basketball court), from there, follow down the street (away from the sunken barge) until the next cross street. At this street turn left and the Jungle Air will be on your right, just after the restaurant and ice cream shop.

Their Sign out front.

If they are open, which they are most days, you will see this sign. Powered Parachute flying is very safe. Now, do not take my word for this, check out the internet (YouTube, etc.) and educate yourself on what Powered Parachute flight is all about.

The price for this wonderful view of the world from the sky is as follows:
15 minutes: $85 dollars
30 minutes: $130 dollars
1 hour: $200 dollars
– All prices are listed in the post are in United States dollars.

Me personally I think the $130 is a good amount of time at a good price. But of course it is up to you and your pocketbook.

Now for some of us who would really like to keep our feet on the ground they do have another option.

Kayaking! Yes you can rent a kayak here also to take out into the blue Caribbean Sea.
The price for this wonderful view of the coastline from the water is as follows:
All day: $40 dollars
One hour: $10 dollars

One way or another, I am sure you can see Puerto Viejo the way few will. Most folks just walk around or ride a bike. However; you can enjoy a different view while on your vacation.