Waterfall in the jungle #32

Bribri Falls – the real one.

There are two waterfalls near Bribri. One is on the road between Home Creek and Bribri on hwy 36. About half way between Home Creek and Bribri you can find a waterfall next to the hwy and it is easy to see and explore.

NOTE: The government of Costa Rica officially registers all citizens as “Home” Creek residents. The citizens name everything around the town after the local river which is named Rio “Hone”. Call me hardheaded but on this one I am going with the government. But you can go with either one. LOL

This blog post is not about (Bribri Sparkling Waterfalls # 1 – see below), it is about the Bribri Waterfall #2 – see below.

The Bribri Waterfall is a little harder to get to. As you travel from Home Creek on hwy 36, after about 6 miles you will reach the town of Bribri. You are looking for the center of town. Look for the land marks I have pointed out below.

You will see El Verdugo on the left and Gollo on the right.
Right before Gollo, make a right hand turn.

When you make the right hand turn, this road will take you out of town. You will travel about 3 miles at which point you will reach a river.

When you reach the river, this is your crossing. Water normally about 6 inches deep. Follow the road to the right. Water is not the problem, rocks are.
This picture was taken from the middle of the river.

Drive across the river (it is not deep, normally about 6 to 10 inches) and the road will turn to the right.

Here you would be looking back at where you just crossed.

Now that you are across the first river, you will follow the road for about 1 1/2 to 2 miles. During this drive you will drive across the river 2 more times.

Here is one of the crossings

None of the crossings are too deep. The deepest crossing is about two feet of water during the rainy season. So, yes, you do need a 4X4 or a high truck to make sure you have no problems. The two feet of water is only during the rainy season. Dry season no problem at all. Just be careful with the rocks. After crossing the first river and about 50 yards in you will see signs for parking. If you do not want to venture in and drive over the next two rivers, you can park and walk over the next two river crossings.

If you have a car and do not have a 4X4 you might want to park and walk to the falls.

After you have pasted the next two rivers, you will need to start looking on the right side of the road for the small parking area. There will be an old green rusty sign on the right side of the road. The sign is nailed to a tree and about 10 feet off the ground. See picture below. The parking area is only wide enough for two cars.

The parking area.

The key here is after you pass the third river crossing, you will go up hill for about 100 yards or so. Keep your eyes a little focused on the right side of the road. Look for that old rusted sign about 10 feet up on a tree by the parking area. The path to the waterfall is on the left side, a little off center of the parking area. Look close! See picture below.

Look very close! When there is a lot of growth you might miss the path.
This picture is of the path – looking back up the hill in the direction of the parking area.

Yes that is correct, from the parking area you will walk down the hill. This trail can be narrow and slippery. During dry season it is better. It is not for anyone who does not have good balance. If you are carrying items in your hands, put them in your backpack because you will need your hands to hold on to trees as you traverse the narrow trail. There will be one more crossing before you reach the falls. It is a side stream crossing the path on the way to the falls. You can take your shoes off if you do not want to get them wet or just walk across.

About 2 or 3 inches of water

Then a little more trail, about 50 more yards. Right at the end of the trail you will go down a hill to reach the base of the falls. I think the trip is part of the fun.

This is the “Bribri Waterfall”
Beautiful falls within the jungle of Costa Rica.

I hope that you have a chance to visit my favorite waterfall.

Here is a short video of the waterfall. This is in the dry season.

This is a picture of “Bribri Hidden waterfall”, I will post another blog for directions for this one later.

There is also the “Bribri Hidden waterfall”. I will add it soon to this post. Yes, a third.

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